Getting Exceptional Results From A Purchased Leads List Is Possible

Dave Schaaf
Dave Schaaf

Well you just made that first purchase of absentee owners and high equity property leads. Are you ready to get that business flowing in now?  Perhaps your previous attempts of using leads list wasn’t profitable, but here at Yellow Letter Complete, we guarantee that any wholesale property lead list you get from us, won’t have that same sub-par performance. Failure is a learning tool, but when it comes to wholesaling real estate, you can’ t affords a lot of learning. You need a lead list that has the best ROI possible.

How Do You Get Started?

  1. The first thing you need for a quality wholesaling list  are leads of high-quality that has been scrubbed and formatted, then targeted at the audience that will get you the most positive results.
  2. Next, you need quality letters either digital or handwritten. We have comparisons that will allow you to decide which is more your personal style for wholesaling.
  3. Last, but not least, you want a direct and short message that is related to your wholesale real estate business.

If you have had wholesale leads in the past that did nothing more than provide you struggles instead of results, it was either from an inferior wholesale leads list or the letter was too generic or was bloated and too long, with the message lost in the bloat.

What If You Had The Best In Leads and Letters?

Maybe your leads and list covered those three steps, but your ROI wasn’t what you expected or should have been? The experienced staff at Yellow Letter Complete has worked with thousands of real estate wholesalers over the years, and we know that those three steps are key in achieving great results. So, with the basics reviewed, let’s make your next wholesaling lead purchase exceptional.

The How To For Exceptional Results

Our website offers several testimonials from past wholesale real estate clients that saw response rate of 20% to 30%, some even more. Is it a smoke and mirror gimmick? Or was it nothing more than chance that happened to have good luck? Or was it that here at Yellow Letter Complete, we know that with a properly planned and executed direct mail campaign, you will have a high performance with a high ROI?

You need to think like top performing sales person. It is more than good looks or great personality. The ROI is accomplished with your FOLLOW UP. Any top performing sales person will tell you that they do more than simply show up and show off… They go back and follow up again, even after being defeated. The call back can often be the right timing, even months later, especially when it comes to wholesaling real estate.

 A Multi-Touch Campaign Gets The Exceptional Results

To get your wholesaling campaign started, the one-time mailings are where you get started, but that’s all they are – a starting point. For your leads to provide you those serious results, follow up is a must. Why? Because you don’t know, you can’t know, what’s going on for those prospects’ daily lives.

What you will know is that follow up will increase your chances of making a wholesale deal that will be fruitful and successful. Why? Because you haves a multi-touch campaign that has allowed you to form a relationship with the prospects and establish your brand in their mind. You have conveyed your earnest and serious concerns with consistency.

Your job as a wholesaler should be answering calls and closing deals. Let Yellow Letters Complete manage your direct wholesale mail campaigns with our multi-touch theory. We will handle all the work, including the scrubbing, the scheduling, and the timing.

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